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Executive team

Our Executives

The Board delegates responsibility for the day-to-day operations and administration of NGM Group to the Group CEO and Group Executive team.

Bernadette Inglis

Bernadette Inglis

Group Chief Executive Officer.
NGM Group - Emma Brokate - Chief Distribution Officer Greater Bank.jpg

Emma Brokate

Chief Distribution Officer, Greater Bank.
NGM Group - Chris Cockburn - Chief Strategy Merger Integration Officer.jpg

Chris Cockburn

Chief Strategy and Merger Integration Officer.

James Cudmore

Chief Customer and Digital Innovation Officer.

Libby Davey

Chief Information Officer.
Stuart Hall

Stuart Hall

Chief Operating Officer.
NGM Group - Guy Harding - Chief Risk Officer.jpg

Guy Harding

Chief Risk Officer.
NGM Group - Paul Juergens - Chief Distribution Officer Newcastle Permanent.jpg

Paul Juergens

Chief Distribution Officer, Newcastle Permanent.

Grant Katz

Head of Internal Audit.
NGM Group - Bob Moffat - Chief Financial Officer.jpg

Bob Moffat

Chief Financial Officer.
NGM Group - Greg Nyman - Chief Legal and Corporate Governance Officer.jpg

Greg Nyman

Chief Legal and Corporate Governance Officer.
NGM Group - Gayle Piek3 - Chief People & Culture Officer

Gayle Piek

Chief People and Culture Officer.