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Executive team

Our Executives

The Board delegates responsibility for the day-to-day operations and administration of NGM Group to the Group CEO and Group Executive team.

Bernadette Inglis

Bernadette Inglis

Group Chief Executive Officer.
NGM Group - Emma Brokate - Chief Distribution Officer Greater Bank.jpg

Emma Brokate

Chief Distribution Officer, Greater Bank.
NGM Group - Chris Cockburn - Chief Strategy Merger Integration Officer.jpg

Chris Cockburn

Chief Strategy and Merger Integration Officer.
NGM Group - James Cudmore - Chief Customer & Digital Innovation Officer.jpg

James Cudmore

Chief Customer and Digital Innovation Officer.
Stuart Hall

Stuart Hall

Chief Operating Officer.
NGM Group - Guy Harding - Chief Risk Officer.jpg

Guy Harding

Chief Risk Officer.
NGM Group - Paul Juergens - Chief Distribution Officer Newcastle Permanent.jpg

Paul Juergens

Chief Distribution Officer, Newcastle Permanent.
NGM Group - Grant Katz - Head of Internal Audit.jpg

Grant Katz

Head of Internal Audit.
NGM Group - Gayle Piek3 - Chief People & Culture Officer

Gayle Piek

Chief People and Culture Officer.
NGM Group - Bob Moffat - Chief Financial Officer.jpg

Bob Moffat

Chief Financial Officer.
NGM Group - Greg Nyman - Chief Legal and Corporate Governance Officer.jpg

Greg Nyman

Chief Legal and Corporate Governance Officer.
NGM Group - Bruce White - Chief Information Officer.jpg

Bruce White

Chief Information Officer.