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The inaugural Newcastle Greater Mutual Group (NGM) Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) Framework outlines NGM Group’s guiding principles for embedding sustainable and ethical business practices in our operations.

This ESG Framework builds upon the foundations of practice that both Newcastle Permanent Building Society and Greater Bank have been implementing over many years. Separately, both organisations have a history of delivering impactful social and sustainable outcomes. The opportunity to strengthen and deepen that impact together has been realised and reflected in this Framework.

At NGM Group:

  • We are here for our customers and our people.
  • We strive to act responsibly and ethically.
  • We strive to be a sustainable organisation.
  • We are focused on operating in an ethical manner that builds trusted and meaningful relationships.
  • We work to support our local communities by providing opportunities for partnerships aimed at creating social equality, advocacy, and sustainability.

At NGM Group, our approach to ESG continues to evolve and mature to ensure it aligns with the expectations and aspirations of our people, our customers, the community, and relevant regulatory requirements and practices.

Our priorities

Our customers

To deliver our customers the future of trusted banking.

Our people

To help our people achieve their best; professionally, personally and within our local communities.

Our community

To be an integral part of our communities.

Our environment

To proactively work to minimise our environmental footprint and seek to engage our employees, our customers, and our community to create positive impact for both people and planet.

Our governance

To continue to be recognised as ethical, honest, and for delivering beneficial outcomes for our customers and local communities.

Our guiding approach to each priority

We’re customer-owned and, between our two brands, have a long heritage of helping to build regions and communities that are vibrant and filled with opportunity.

At NGM Group, we are passionate about delivering the banking services our customers need today and will want tomorrow. We help our customers by supporting a strong economy, offering products that are competitive, and providing retail banking services that meet their needs.

With more than 1,600 passionate people working across both of our brands, NGM Group’s ESG Framework is about proactively supporting our people to be part of an organisation that truly cares about the impact we are having within the community. It is led by our people, for our people, and for the broad communities in which our people reside.

We are dedicated to providing career opportunities for our people and to delivering a workplace that is diverse, supportive, and inclusive. We provide our people with the opportunity to invest in their community with two paid leave days each year.

We are dedicated to supporting the various local communities within which we operate across NSW & SE QLD.

We do this by forming meaningful partnerships within our communities that are based upon delivering impactful, inclusive and sustainable change. These partnerships are formalised through both our Greater Bank and Newcastle Permanent community sponsorship programs, and our Greater Charitable Foundation and Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation. We champion human rights in our Modern Slavery statements, and support national reconciliation through our Reconciliation Action Plan.

At NGM Group, we are committed to delivering a fit-for-purpose strategy aimed at reducing our use of natural resources, improving our efficiency practices, and reducing our overall environmental impact.

Our focus on climate is across a number of key areas, including:

  • Identification of climate risk evident in our lending portfolios and associated actions;
  • Our approach for implementing mandatory climate related disclosure reporting;
  • Opportunities for further customer and community engagement on climate and the environment, including the identification of a pathway towards a net zero declaration.

We are committed to operating a business that is ethical and, honest, and delivers beneficial outcomes for our customers and local communities. The NGM Group Board recognises that a cohesive corporate culture is the cornerstone of an effective governance framework, and that it is responsible for establishing the “tone from the top”.

Our approach is detailed in the Corporate Governance Statement included in the Annual Report.