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Who we are

NGM Group is Australia’s leading customer-owned bank trusted by more than 600,000 Australians who bank with our retail banking brands Greater Bank and Newcastle Permanent.

We have a significant economic and social impact in regional Australia, a workforce of more than 1,600 people, a multi-million dollar annual innovation and technology investment spend, and total assets of more than $20 billion.

In our first reporting year as NGM Group, and operating in a challenging external environment, we have delivered a strong financial result, demonstrating our underlying strength and stability.

This year we have supported all our customers, both borrowers and savers, through this challenging economic time helping them achieve their financial goals and delivering Australia’s Best Bank* levels of customer service.

Since forming NGM Group in March 2023, we have set our strategy and strategic priorities to enable our focus in the coming years. We will leverage opportunities to share our trusted banking experience with even more Australians and continue our unwavering commitment to help communities thrive.

Financial strength

One of Australia’s leading customer-owned financial institutions.

Helping more Australians into homes

Helped almost 10,000 home buyers last year, bringing home loan balances to $15.3 billion.

A sound ESG approach

Published our inaugural ESG Framework.

Our ESG Framework

$5 million+ community investment

Last year we invested more than $5 million in our communities through Greater Bank, Newcastle Permanent, and our respective charitable foundations.

Our business

NGM Group’s portfolio today comprises the two retail brands Greater Bank and Newcastle Permanent, focused on helping customers and communities thrive.

* Ranked #1 and #6 in Australia in 2023 Forbes World’s Best Bank rankings.